Remote Communication – Sample

Why Remote Communication Is Different

This learning block will set the basis to understand the difference between remote communication and in-person communication and how this can, or rather, will, affect your work (and personal) life.

The main video gives an overview on differences, and how to start noticing where you can make a difference.

Activity: Intention Diary

The intention diary is a written reminder of what you want to focus on in your daily communication. Its power lies in helping you to create new habits and awareness through daily repetition.

Tools: If you are into stationary, this is your opportunity to get wild. Find a cute notebook (small is fine) or create one yourself. If you are more practical, any notebook will do.

Instructions: Every morning, write down what you are going to focus on today. Every night, write down how your focus went and what you learned.

These can be very small goals, and it is completely normal to repeat the same goal over several days. You are creating habits, so repetition is the key ingredient.

Here are some examples from a real intention diary: 

2020-09-21: Focus on clarity for questions asked (so no one has to read between the lines)

2020-09-26: No meetings without an agenda. More focus on prep work.

2020-09-27: I did not realize how many meetings have no agenda! Check today’s and tomorrow’s meetings.

Activity: Conversation Cycling

Who has an impact on your work, either directly or indirectly?

Step 1: Make a list of these people and note down with whom you already have a connection in some other way than strictly work. Maybe a colleague has children with a similar age. Maybe you share a hobby or simply the exact same work hours.

Step 2: Create an (inofficial) schedule to engage with these people on a regular basis, offering a conference call, sharing something in a chat room you know they are active in, or sharing something you think might be useful for them.

Start 3: Start at the top of your list and connect with 1-2 people every day, cycling through your list.

Activity: Colleague Visibility Check

How visible are your colleagues? How visible are you? If a specific person doesn’t check in, would you notice?

Make a note of the colleagues that seem to fly under the radar.

Can you make an effort to help them participate in conversations, or keep them up to date if you feel they might have missed out on something? 

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